Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social responsibility

About Dahabshiil’s Global CSR Initiatives

Dahabshiil has committed millions of US dollars to education and health as well as supporting relief efforts which has had a real impact on the lives of needy communities around the Horn of Africa. Dahabshiil recognises its corporate social responsibility by providing money transfer services and other financial services to humanitarian and international development organizations including United Nations, Save the Children, Oxfam and Care International.

These services are essential for the above organisations in order for them to deliver much needed aid to communities.

The United Nations describes Dahabshiil services as “the only safe and efficient option to transfer funds to projects.”

- Support for Education: In an Interview Prof. Ahmed Abdullahi Boqore, Deputy Director of Amuud University said that, apart from providing facilities and infrastructure to learning institutions, Dahabshiil has gone one step further by donating their valuable time and resources free of charge to various institutions. Meanwhile Mohamed Ali a student at Mogadisho University said, “Dahabshiil Company not only supports the academics but also sports and other extra-curricular activities so as to bring forth well-rounded scholars.”

- Promotion of health: Dahabshiil is very proud to be one of the biggest investors from the private sector that supports hospitals and health centres in East and Central Africa. In these regions Dahabshiil helps develop infrastructure while at the same time providing financial support, equipment and drugs to help with people’s health needs. The health institutions that Dahabshiil has supported, over the past few years, include Las Anod Hospital, Burao Hospital, Garoowe hospital, Hargeisa General Hospital, Benadir Hospital, Madina Hospital and Kaysenay Hospital-institutions that are at the heart of provision of good health for the people.

- Support with Relief efforts: Being largely semi-arid, the Horn of Africa is a food and water deficit region and there are often instances where sections of society are in dire need of relief food.Dahabshiil donates funds to aid relief efforts, working along with other humanitarian and international development organizations including United Nations and the Diaspora. For example the company recently donated an initial US$100,000 to drought victims in south central Somalia. This donation is one of the largest provided from a list of corporates.