Send And Receive Money

  • Visit your nearest Dahabshiil money transfer agent in Djibouti
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  • For new clients, complete a registration form at the agent location
  • Provide identification documents (required for regulatory compliance reasons)
  • Present the amount you wish to send and beneficiary details
  • Obtain a receipt from the agent with full transaction details including payout amount, exchange rate, commission fee and beneficiary location and contact details
  • The money is available for collection at Dahabshiil payout agents normally within 15 minutes[1]
  • The beneficiary is normally contacted by telephone or by SMS message to inform him/her that the money is ready for collection
  • At the payout location, the beneficiary provides details of the transaction and identification documents
  • The beneficiary signs a receipt to confirm collection of funds


DahabCard entitles you to a number of benefits including lower transaction fee and faster transaction processing[2]. It saves you time and money.

If you haven’t got one, sign-up now!

[1]Subject to terms and conditions

[2]Once your accumulated points reach a certain threshold, you will be eligible for a discount on standard commissions