Guidance Notes

Lacagaha loo diraayo wadamada hoos ta ku qoran waa in la raacaa limitka loo xadiday hadii kale lama bixin doono

Payment limits in USD($) and GBP(£)

Country Payment in USD Payment in GBP Daily limit Payment time
Bangladesh $2,800.00 £1,414.14 Daily 24 Hours
Pakistan $3,300.00 £1,666.67 Daily 24 Hours
Saudi Arabia $6,700.00 £3,383.84 Daily 24 Hours
India $2,500.00 £1,262.63 Daily 24 Hours
Bahrain $7,500.00 £3,787.88 Daily 24 Hours
Hong Kong $7,500.00 £3,787.88 Daily 24 Hours
Sri Lanka $950.00 £479.80 Daily 24 Hours
Philippines $4,150.00 £2,095.96 Daily 24 Hours
Singapore $7,500.00 £3,787.88 Daily 24 Hours
Palestine $7,500.00 £3,787.88 Daily 24 Hours
Morocco $7,500.00 £3,787.88 Daily 24 Hours
Egypt $7,250.00 £3,661.62 Daily 24 Hours


  1. Do not exceed the payment limit for each country
  2. Payouts are in local currency only
  3. No commercial transactions. only individual to individual
  4. Payout is on production of valid photo-id only
  5. No bank deposits unless specifically mentioned below
  6. Where bank deposits are available please mention details as requested
  7. No deductions at beneficiary’s end unless specifically mentioned below
  8. Cash payment (OTC) is immediate unless specifically mentioned below
  9. Please mention phone no. to enable us to contact the beneficiary and sender
  10. Though carrying the ICTC No. is not compulsory. beneficiaries should carry the ICTC No. if they wish to collect funds from locations other than the specified location. all locations can detect the ICTC details of any transaction (of the same country) and pay it out using the ‘View ICTC’ option.

Rates: Lacagaha loo diraayo wadamada kor ku qoran

  1. $100.00 ILAA $999.00 5%
  2. $1000.00 and more 4% (Wax ka hooseeya lagama qaadi karo).